In late 1977, a UK television station, “Southern Television” was interrupted by an audio broadcast. A static-y, strange voice claimed to be from the Ashtar Galactic Command, and his name was “Vrillon.” Vrillon’s message was to command Earth’s world leaders to destroy our weapons and live in peace, because our time on Earth was already short.

Widely considered a hoax, and not actually aliens (surprise), the transmission was actually traced to a transmitter in the middle of nowhere in Hampshire. The interruption is still pretty creepy though! 

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Guess who’s getting a free shirt!!!

Guess who’s getting a free shirt!!!

"Boy, don’t you dare say a bad word about Elvis Aaron Presley."

"Boy, don’t you dare say a bad word about Elvis Aaron Presley."

Love me like I’m not Made of Stone.

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One of the best scenes of Malcolm in the Middle ever.

that fucking kid took one for the team

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This band just popped into my head for some reason, I saw these dudes open up for Murder City Devils in late 99.

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Kurt Cobain and William Burroughs, October 1993

“I waited and Kurt got out with another man. Cobain was very shy, very polite, and obviously enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t awestruck at meeting him. There was something about him, fragile and engagingly lost. He smoked cigarettes but didn’t drink. There were no drugs. I never showed him my gun collection.” - William Burroughs


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